about us

Hello, my name is John McKenna and I am a New Zealander living permanently in Shanghai for quite a few years now.

I am the developer and director of Travel-the-Real-China and have embarked on this new venture I am calling ULTRA SPORTS CHINA.  

The idea is to take advantage of the superb potential offered here in China for significant sports activities, by encouraging local people and visitors to China to become involved in great sporting adventures inside this country.

There are so many racers and activities here and it’s growing year by year

Let me assist you in your dream of doing an ultra-race, whether it’s a 50km, 100km, 3 day, or even the long 7 days races

I will be able to help out with gear selection, training tips, working with you to get you ready both mentally and physically

Being in condition to complete the goal and to be safe are the 2 most important issues with Ultra racing . 

​Adventure sports within China are on the move, participating in activities and racers around the country is just another way to really see and experience the people and places of China ….the real China.